I am MARIYA SEMENOVA from Russia and I work in the officia of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,


SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報

Attention please.

Top of the day to you. I write for your assistance to make a claim of my funds US$10,500,000( Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars with the Bank of America US.

I am MARIYA SEMENOVA  from Russia and I work in the officia of  President  Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, because of the war between Russia and Ukraine the US government is bent on freezing all Russia top officials assets and funds in America and Europe. In respect of this I want to immediately make NEXT OF KIN or Beneficiary of the funds I have with Bank of America.

Please let me know if you are capable of handling this transaction?

Best regards

Mariya Semenova