My name is Ms. Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi,


SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報

送信元 Reem E. A
Good Day

Dear Friend

My name is Ms. Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi, I am the “Minister of state
for International Cooperation” in UAE. I write to you on behalf of
my other “two (2) colleagues” who has Authorized me to solicit for
your “partnership in claiming of {us$47=Million}” from a Financial
Home on their behalf and for our “Mutual Benefits”.

The said Fund {us$47=Million} is our share from the (over-invoiced) Oil/Gas
deal with Turkish Government within 2013/2014. Because of the nature of the
deal we don’t want our government to know about the fund that is why we
decided to contact you. If this proposal interests you, let me know, by
sending me an email and I will send to you detailed information on how this
business would be successfully transacted. Be informed that nobody knows
the secret of this fund except us, and we know how to carry out the entire
transaction. So I am compelled to ask, that you will stand on our behalf and
receive this fund into any account that is solely controlled by you.

We will compensate you with 15% of the total amount involved as
gratification for being our partner in this transaction. Reply to:

Ms. Reem.