149kmVvKGA6at6yfPdiLMm3cxRSKorkZHrI 詐欺メール


SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報


I have got some bad news for you.
Two months ago, I have received access to all electronic devices 
you use for browsing the internet.After that, I have started 
tracking your entire web activity.I created a fake website for 
your email service.and You entered your email and current 
password.That’s how I got your login credentials and started 
using your email undetected. After that, I managed to easily 
install Trojan horse on the operating system of your device.(You 
did that yourself, once you opened the file in one of the 
phishing letters that I have created in your email).This virus 
provides me with access to all controllers on your device 
(camera, microphone, keyboard, etc.).

Likewise, I have saved all your data, photos, videos, social 
network credentials, chats, and contacts.This malicious software 
is updated on a regular basis, hereby it is almost impossible to 
detect it by various services and system administrators.That’s 
why I have been totally invisible to you for quite a long time.
Recently, I have figured out that you are a big fan of porn and 
enjoy watching “very specific hardcore movies”.I think you know 
what I mean…I have managed to edit a few clips, where you 
eagerly cum, and I have included the films you were watching 
while masturbating.
Rest assured that I can easily send this interesting video to all 
your contacts, friends, relatives or simply post it on the web 
with just one click of the mouse.
I don’t think you would like that to happen. It is going to be 
really shameful and tragic for you.Well, I don’t want to put you 
in a situation like that, since I see that you are a decent and 
honest person.

Hence, I offer you a deal:You transfer 1500 USD in Bitcoin 
equivalent to me and once the payment is received, I will 
immediately delete all the evidence against you.
I have been working on you and your files for two months by now, 
and trust me, this was just a chicken feed for me!
If you don’t know how to purchase and send Bitcoins, then you can 
simply use any search engine (Google is just fine) for 
assistance.So, here is my Bitcoin 
wallet: 149kmVvKGA6at6yfPdiLMm3cxRSKorkZHrI give you 48 hours to 
send me the money.

Please don’t respond to my email, since it makes no sense. I have 
created this letter in your email, and the reply address I have 
obtained from a single email database.It makes no sense to ask 
someone for help either because this mail cannot be tracked and 
Bitcoin transactions are always anonymous. Everything has been 
deliberately planned.

I see all your chats, wiretap your calls, and spy on you. 
Likewise, If I ever find out that you told anybody about this 
letter – the video will be immediately shared on the web!
As soon as you open this letter, I will receive an automatic 
notification and start the countdown right away.Good luck, and 
wish you never get phishing like this again in the future!