1AiBJcWZYQrz5Z9S9X7nYNueznU7iU5V5h 『詐欺メール』





As you may have noticed, I sent this email from your email account (if you didn’t see, check the from Sender email ID.)

In other words, I have full access to your email account.

I infected you with a malware a few months back when you visited an adult site, and since then, I have been observing your actions.
The malware gave me full access and control over your system, meaning, I can see everything on your screen, turn on your camera or microphone and you won’t even notice about it.

I have also access to all your contacts.
I made a video showing both you (through your webcam) and the video you were watching (on the screen) while statisfying yourself.
I can send this video to all your contacts (email, social network)!

You can prevent me from doing this.
To stop me, transfer exactly 700$ with the current (BTC) BITCOIN price, to my bitcoin address.
If you do not know how to do this, Google – “How to buy Bitcoin”.

My bitcoin adress is: 1AiBJcWZYQrz5Z9S9X7nYNueznU7iU5V5h

After receiving the payment, I will delete the video, and we will forget everything!
I give you one week to get the bitcoins.
Since I already have access to your system, I know when you read this email.
Don’t share this email with anyone.