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SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報


メール本文 Hello, my perverted friend, We’ve actually known each other for a while, at least I know you. You can call me Big Brother or the All-Seeing Eye. I’m a hacker who a few months ago gained access to your device, including your browser history and webcam. I recorded some videos of you jerking off to highly controversial “adult” videos. I doubt you’d want your family, coworkers, and your entire contact list to see footage of you < pleasuring yourself, especially considering how kinky your favorite "genre". I will also publish these videos on porn sites, they will go viral and it will be physically impossible to remove them from < the Internet. How did I do this? Because of your disregard for internet security, I easily managed to install a Trojan on your hard disk. Thanks to this, I was able to access all the data on your device and control it remotely. By infecting one device, I was able to gain access to all the other devices. My spyware is embedded in the drivers and updates its signature every few hours, so no antivirus or firewall can ever < detect it. Now I want to offer a deal: a small amount of money in exchange for your former worry free life. Transfer $990 USD to my bitcoin wallet:19gjxoZ2x8xzNC18FYtL×CL3FWRi15cP39 As soon as I receive confirmation of the payment, I will delete all the videos that compromise you, remove the virus from all your devices and you will never hear from me < again. It's a very small price for not destroying your reputation in the eyes of others, who think that you are a decent man, < according to your messengers. You can think of me as some sort of life coach who wants you to start appreciating what you have. You have 48 hours. I will receive a notification as soon as you open this email, and from this moment, the countdown will begin. If you've never dealt with cryptocurrency before, it's very easy. Simply type "cryptocurrency exchange" into a search