13gdUqbxkC2TQPmaHLuMsTatATz6jHCwkp blackmail scam



SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報


メール本文 Greetings, I am sorry to inform you that your cloud storage was compromised. Let’s get the biggest elephant out of the room first. I am not a part of shady group that encrypts your data and extorts money leaving you no choice. But I HAVE copied your data. The choice is yours. Here is what happened, one of the websites where you have an account was breached. After that I got access to your password from that breach and with some advanced manipulations and bruteforce extracted your backup data. The data set that I have downloaded and parsed contains pictures, documents, contacts and more including some deleted files. I don’t have much time and dedication NOW to go through all of the files, but with some fast looking I did – I am sure that you dont want some of them to be seen by other people. What I can do if you don’t follow my instructions is simple. I can send from your name to your contacts the most interesting content, it’s the least I can do. You may care or not, it’s up to you to decide. If you decide that you don’t care, I will go through all files, and who knows what more I may find more. Maybe you have some confidential business information. Or GREAT nudes and videos. If I spend more time on your case, the amount will be 3 times bigger. Depends on the content. So let’s make it simple. You pay me $2000 USD, I delete the data, you change your password. Business as usual, use Bitcoin to make the transfer. 13gdUqbxkC2TQPmaHLuMsTatATz6jHCwkp Account is unique and you have some reasonable time to make the payment. Take care.