Bar.Mark Smith Principal Partner 「SPAMメール」


SPAMメール・迷惑メール・sextortion 情報

It is good to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication has been grossly abused by impostors and criminal 
 minded people thereby making it difficult for people with genuine 
 struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.
 I am contacting you because you share the same last name with a 
 deceased client of mine who died with his family a few years ago. 
 He left behind a lot of bank deposits with no will to mention a 
 next of kin and I have sold a few of his properties which 
 deposits have been made into his account here in London. I have 
 been in recent communication with the banks where he has these 
 deposits and they have made it abundantly clear that I should 
 provide any of his relatives to come forward and claim his money.
 According to the laws of England and Wales, section 46 of the 
 Administration of Estates Act of 1925 (with subsequent 
 amendments). My late client’s bank has issued me a final written 
 notice to provide his next-of-kin within 7 days or have his funds 
 declared ”UNCLAIMED” and sent into government treasury.
 It is my plan therefore to present you as a relative to my late 
 client so that his deposit can be transferred to you legally by 
 virtue of the fact that you share the same last name and I can 
 easily present you as his relative. I will make this presentation 
 possible as it is my sole responsibility as the legal 
 Administrator and I will guide you all the way until his funds 
 are released to you. We shall be sharing the proceed of this 
 claim equally if you accept to work with me and I will share more 
 details with you upon your positive response to my email. Please 
 stay safe and protect yourself from this corona virus plague.
 Best Wishes,
 Bar.Mark Smith
 Principal Partner