We want to let you know that Mr Helen Baraban Amount Paid:-$ 2,000.00 USD



メール本文 We want to let you know that Mr Helen Baraban has made the payment and we have sent you a copy of the payment confirmation/statement through email to notify you that the transfer has been made according to your bank details, to assure you that the transfer is going directly to your account. Once the transfer has been approved it is not possible for Mr Helen Baraban to cancel or Stop the transfer again, that is the procedure before the transfer is made. DETAILS OF THE PAYMENT BELOW Amount Paid:-$ 2,000.00 USD Items Name:- Goods So to protect both the buyer and the seller we will need to confirm the shipment before we activate the money to your account. Kindly go and make the shipment between 6 to 24 Hours with JAPAN POST OFFICE SHIP/YAMATO /UPS/DHL and get back to us with the information below for us to confirm the shipment. 1) Shipment Tracking Number 2) Shipment Scan Receipt. 3) The Name of the shipping service that we will confirm the shipment with…. Once the shipment has been confirmed we will notify you and transfer your money to your account between 24 to 48 hours to your account. Thanks for accepting BANK OF MONTREAL online Transfer.